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Upcoming World AIDS Week & Addressing Misinformation About HIV/AIDS From Charlie Sheen News Coverage

World AIDS Week is fast approaching, and I’d like to cover some key points regarding HIV/AIDS. There has been a lot of misinformation about HIV with all the news coverage of Charlie Sheen’s announcement, and it’s important people know the facts. * How does a person get HIV/AIDS? * What are the treatment methods? *

My Thoughts: Bruce Jenner’s TV Interview on Being Transgender

Posted by Straight Talk with Cathy Fan Page on Monday, April 27, 2015


A Plea for Gun Control After the Recent FSU Shooting and While Country Waits for Ferguson, Missouri Grand Jury Decision

Did you know the recent FSU shooting was the 91st school shooting since Newtown? INCOMPREHENSIBLE. It’s time for our country to make a change — NOW! We NEED Congress to pass major gun control legislation, and we (particularly young people and parents) need to demand that from them. In this episode, I’m sharing with you


Saying Goodbye to Tobacco & Nicotine

The Great American Smokeout is coming up on Thursday, Nov. 20. Do YOU currently use tobacco, and are YOU ready to quit? Whether you smoke, dip, chew, or vape, there’s no better time to start making the commitment to yourself, your family and friends. According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco use remains the single


Friends-Together Relaunches!

Get pumped about the second episode of Season 6 of Straight Talk with Cathy… We’re enthusiastically talking about the relaunch of Friends-Together! Joining me for the first time on the show is my son, Garrett Robinson. Topics: – History of Friends-Together (how it formed, who came together in the early years, strong focus on HIV/AIDS)


Domestic Violence Scandals Plaguing Professional & Collegiate Sports – Stopping the Patterns of Bad Behavior/Abuse

Welcome to Season 6 of Straight Talk with Cathy! It’s been hard turning on the news in the last several weeks and hearing all of the updates surrounding the recent domestic violence scandals plaguing the NFL and other sports. What will the punishments of the players ultimately be? What’s fair, and whether it comes to

Straight Talk with Cathy - World AIDS Day 2013 Web Banner

World AIDS Day 2013 — No Shame About Being HIV+

TODAY is WORLD AIDS DAY…What are you doing about it tomorrow? I’m proud to say I’m as fired up and passionate about this topic as I was 21 years ago at the first event I attended publicly. I’m pleased and optimistic about the numerous HIV/AIDS campaigns going around the world. There’s a lot of great

Domestic Violence Awareness Podcast - Straight Talk with Cathy

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness — It’s About Power & Control

In this episode, we’re talking about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assaults. As we post this podcast online, we’re right in the heat of the government shutdown in the U.S. Two of the major reasons for this shutdown have to do with power and control. Our elected officials (Democrats and Republicans) are letting us

Quit Smoking

Successfully Saying ‘NO LONGER’ to Tobacco

  In this episode, we’re talking about tobacco. You CAN quit, and I should add, successfully quit! Whether it’s smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, spitting tobacco, smoking a hookah, using and snoozing — it doesn’t matter. It’s all tobacco and none of it is good for us. I haven’t forgotten about e-cigarettes either! Tune

Smartphone Safety

Before You Hit Send: Creating a Conversation around Using Electronic Devices Responsibly

  Technology has come so far and so fast!  Long gone are the days of the 56k dial-up Internet connection and mobile phones the size of Zack Morris’ phone on the hit TV show Saved by the Bell.  Parents are giving their children as young as seven and eight years old brand new mobile devices. 

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