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Friends-Together was started by Cathy Robinson Pickett and Steve Pickett, to further the cause of HIV and AIDS awareness.  The organization is dedicated to raising funds to bring much needed prevention messages to groups regardless of their ability to pay.

Friends-Together is also dedicated to serving the HIV infected community through training geared to helping the individual, caregivers and family members with strategies to cope with and live with the disease.

Together Cathy and Steve have decades of HIV experience.  A teacher living with HIV for 21 plus years, Mrs. Robinson Pickett has dedicated the last fourteen years to speaking publicly and bringing awareness to communities that are often not targeted with prevention messages.  Mrs. Robinson Pickett has also been active in the infected community and has served as the Consumer Caucus founding chairperson for the state of Florida and she has served for many years as a patient care representative for Florida Community Planning.  Mrs. Robinson Pickett has served and currently serves on a number of prevention oriented and patient care boards.

Mr. Pickett was actively involved in the AIDS arena for over a decade.  He was an uninfected caregiver who was involved in a number of Buddy Programs and educational groups.

Mrs. Robinson Pickett, came to a realization that her educational messages must continue even in the event that she is unable to do it herself.  With the knowledge that mentorship is the key in this field she and Steve formed the team of Friends-Together to provide a venue for this work to continue and grow and not be based on one person’s life, but on the culmination of all the young lives lost to this disease.

Currently Friends-Together is actively looking for facilities to donate space to host weekend camps for infected and affected kids, in the state of Florida.  These programs are not only fun, but life-skill building for kids and young adults who often live in an isolated world.  Any donations or support given to Friends-Together goes to support the educational activities, mentoring projects and the camp retreat programs.

Check out the blog of one of Friends-Together’s most dedicated volunteers (and Cathy’s son)!

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