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Various Programs

  • Sexual Responsibility (2 hr. or 4 hr.), fun name Rubber Wear or Talk Sex with CathyCathy Robinson-Pickett
  • Domestic Violence
  • STD Update
  • Talking to Teens About Tough Issues
  • Club Drugs and You
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Dating and Relationship Violence
  • Rape Prevention
  • Technology and Parents’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Yes We Can…Overcoming Obstacles
  • Life Beyond Catastrophic Illness and Loss

Various Programs

  • AIDS 101, 104, 501 Provider Update
  • Only Men, Women and Children Get AIDS
  • Families Created Out of Crisis
  • The Changing Face of AIDS
  • A Christian Response to AIDS
  • AIDS in the Work Place
  • Bringing Consumers to the Table
  • HIV Education for Teens


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