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TODAY is WORLD AIDS DAY…What are you doing about it tomorrow?

I’m proud to say I’m as fired up and passionate about this topic as I was 21 years ago at the first event I attended publicly.

I’m pleased and optimistic about the numerous HIV/AIDS campaigns going around the world. There’s a lot of great people out there doing great work. I am troubled, however, with some activists out there who don’t feel like they are getting enough individual attention. My wish is they focus more on the message and less about receiving praise.

Let’s not forget — our work is NOT done. New infections occur every day in your neighborhoods and communities. We need to stay committed to the cause. I have NO SHAME about being HIV+ and am thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to educate the young and old and to stand up against discrimination. My hope is that folks use WORLD AIDS DAY as a reminder that this disease doesn’t just affect people one day of the year!

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