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Helping Haiti with Guest Grant Nieddu

  I am excited to have an awesome guest on this week’s show!  Grant Nieddu is a great example of someone who has thought outside of himself and is creating change in our world!  Grant’s a volunteer assistant with Community Partnership International (CPI Haiti) and is sharing his story about his volunteer efforts in Haiti

Sexual Responsibility Week

  Valentine’s Day is this week and Cupid may have brought some love into your life.  Before you possibly enter into a sexual relationship though, have you taken care of your whole self?  I’m talking about Pap smear tests, self breast exams, self testicular exams, condoms, birth control, emotional baggage, etc.  Listen to this week’s

Civic Duty

  This week’s episode is about civic duty.  The tragedy in Tucson really got me thinking about what an honor it is to be a part of the political and social process in our country.  Nine-year-old Christina’s story should and can be used to inspire youth and adults to be engaged citizens of the world!

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