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Meditation & Vision Boards

  This week’s episode is all about taking care of yourself and achieving your dreams.  I have a terrific update to share with you all on my Quit! smoking cessation classes and then talk about the ways you can practice meditation.  Many college students know my love for vision or dream boards.  They are easy

Tucson Tragedy & Creating Solutions

  My heart and prayers go out to all the families associated with the tragedy in Tucson.  This sad day in our nation’s history must not be forgotten.  In this week’s episode, I share my thoughts on the tragedy and ask you, my listeners, how we overcome negativity in our country.  How do we come

Happy New Year!!

  A number of podcast listeners have been asking me what I’m up to these days.  You’ll have to tune in to hear about some exciting updates.  I’m also talking about future podcast episodes.  Lastly, I’m spending some time discussing resolutions.  I have one major one this year, and I’m excited for you to share

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