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World AIDS Day 2010

To listen, click here. Today is World AIDS Day…What are YOU doing about it tomorrow? Topics: * Observing World AIDS Day * Education & Awareness Level * Motivation * Theme & Activism * Support Groups * Friends-Together Financial Donations * Growing Up * Importance of Testing * Recap  

Stand Up Against Bullying

To listen, click here. This week the show is on the road in Lakeland, FL.  The topic is bullying, and joining me are Lee Steele and Dan Lewis.  Let’s stand up against bullying! (Please forgive us this week for audio difficulties!) Topics: * Ignoring the problem * Dan’s experience * Advice for parents * Ideas

Straight Talk on Politics

To listen, click here. Straight Talk with Cathy is back and better than ever!  Season 2’s opening episode is all about politics and the November elections. Topics: * Family update * Negative ads * Turnout at polls * “All politics is local” * Divided country, common ground * Tax cuts * One topic challenge

Nutrition 101 with Michael McElveen

Episode 2 of Season 2 features a special guest, Michael McElveen.  We are talking about nutrition!  This episode is especially for my college listeners. Topics: * Overview and educational approach * Food history and studies * Nutrition labels * Whole grains and terminology * Gluten-free trend * Common issues

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