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Volunteer TODAY: Challenge Yourself and Make a Difference!

To listen, click here. * Garrett’s volunteerism as inspiration for others * Choosing your volunteer passion * Some of my volunteer efforts * Friends-Together and 2010 Bike Ride Volunteer Opportunity    

Straight Talkers Discuss Choosing the Right College for YOU

To listen, click here. Are you a high school student choosing a college soon?  Entering a small or large university?  Whether you’re a student, parent or grandparent, you’ll benefit from listening to this episode.  Cathy welcomes three college students in the studio to talk about choosing colleges and college life.  Some of the topics include:

Not Just Taxes: Essentials Before Dying

To listen, click here. April 15 is “Tax Day” in the United States, but in this episode, Cathy delves into other important life issues.  She talks about living wills, guardianships and organ donations. This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Brandi.      

Sordid Lives, Infidelity, Tiger & Beyond

To listen, click here. In this episode, Cathy talks about her recent experience watching the movie, Sordid Lives.  She transitions into talking about infidelity and discusses what people should really be conversing about when it comes to Tiger Woods’ affairs.        

Straight Talk with Cathy

To listen, click here. Episode 1 Introduction to Podcast: My Story, Remembering Steve, Podcast Topics

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