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Domestic Violence Scandals Plaguing Professional & Collegiate Sports – Stopping the Patterns of Bad Behavior/Abuse

Welcome to Season 6 of Straight Talk with Cathy! It’s been hard turning on the news in the last several weeks and hearing all of the updates surrounding the recent domestic violence scandals plaguing the NFL and other sports. What will the punishments of the players ultimately be? What’s fair, and whether it comes to

Domestic Violence Awareness Podcast - Straight Talk with Cathy

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness — It’s About Power & Control

In this episode, we’re talking about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assaults. As we post this podcast online, we’re right in the heat of the government shutdown in the U.S. Two of the major reasons for this shutdown have to do with power and control. Our elected officials (Democrats and Republicans) are letting us

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