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Take a Stand Against Bullying

  October kicks off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Guess what — I want YOU involved! I am joined in this episode (recorded earlier in the month) with Pastor Lee Steele and with two guests who are going to talk about their coming out experiences and bullying. Don’t be silent — take a stand!  

Update on My Health

  We’re back at Straight Talk with Cathy after a nice summer break!  In this episode, I am giving everyone an update on my health.  I wish I could say things are better than they are!  One thing is for sure, though; relaxation is key.  I had the good fortune of spending time in Daytona,

Reflecting on 30th Anniversary of First U.S. HIV/AIDS Diagnosis

  In this episode, I am reflecting on the 30th anniversary of the first U.S. HIV/AIDS diagnosis.  Is HIV/AIDS still on the radar of Americans?  Are we making progress fighting this battle?  What ever happened to prevention?  This year marks my 27th anniversary living with AIDS, and I can say one thing with certainty.  I’m

Serving Others – A Reflection of Love

  This week’s episode is all about service to others.  Pastor Lee Steele joins me in studio to talk about what it means to care for others in AND outside Church.  What volunteer projects do you participate in and how do you care for your community?  What does your reflection of love look like?  Now

Pill Drop

  Folks, we have a great episode for you this week!  We’re talking about a very important topic — prescription pills.  The National Pill Take Back Initiative is taking place throughout the country this week, and we’re strongly encouraging YOU to participate.  Joining me in this show are Angie Ellison and Lakeland Police Department Detective

Alcohol Awareness Month

  April is Alcohol Awareness Month — so we won’t be talking about runner’s knee this week!  Angie Ellison and Tom Evans from InnerAct Alliance join me this week to talk about what students, parents and families need to know about alcohol consumption.  Should parents treat it as a rite of passage or does the

Interview with Rick Bender – Tobacco Cessation

  Straight Talk with Cathy lined up a great guest this week!  Rick Bender joins me in studio and shares his story about using tobacco.  Rick started using Spit Tobacco, otherwise known as Chewing Tobacco, at age 12.  By age 26, he was diagnosed with cancer and went through major surgeries.  Despite losing 1/3 of

Top 10 Spring Break Safety Tips

  This week’s episode is all about staying safe during spring break!  Michael McElveen and Tom Evans share their TOP 10 Spring Break Safety Tips with us.  You don’t want to miss this show!

Spring Break Safety with Guest Michael McElveen

  This week’s episode is all about staying safe during spring break!  Returning guest, Michael McElveen, joins me to talk about alcohol and nutrition.  College students will definitely want to tune in for the 411 on how to have fun and be safe during Spring Break 2011!

Helping Haiti with Guest Grant Nieddu

  I am excited to have an awesome guest on this week’s show!  Grant Nieddu is a great example of someone who has thought outside of himself and is creating change in our world!  Grant’s a volunteer assistant with Community Partnership International (CPI Haiti) and is sharing his story about his volunteer efforts in Haiti

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