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World AIDS Day
Dec. 1, 2013

Domestic Violence

TODAY is WORLD AIDS DAY…What are you doing about it tomorrow? I’m proud to say I’m as fired up and passionate about this topic as I was 21 years ago at the first event I attended publicly! Our work is NOT done. New infections occur every day in your neighborhoods and communities. We need to stay committed to the cause. I have NO SHAME about being HIV+ and am thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to educate the young and old and to stand up against discrimination. My hope is that folks use WORLD AIDS DAY as a reminder that this disease doesn’t just affect people one day of the year!

Domestic Violence
Oct. 7, 2013

Domestic Violence

In this episode, we’re talking about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assaults. As we post this podcast online, we’re right in the heat of the government shutdown in the U.S. Two of the major reasons for this shutdown have to do with power and control. Our elected officials (Democrats and Republicans) are letting us down and abusing the power they have in their positions. Transitioning to our show topic, abuse and control issues are significant parts of domestic violence and sexual assaults. This October, we’re asked to TAKE BACK THE NIGHT. Read more (click post above).

Quit Tobacco
Aug. 17, 2013

Quit Smoking

In this episode, we’re talking about tobacco. You CAN quit, and I should add, successfully quit! Whether it’s smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, spitting tobacco, smoking a hookah, using and snoozing — it doesn’t matter. It’s all tobacco and none of it is good for us. I haven’t forgotten about e-cigarettes either!

Smartphone Safety
Apr. 27, 2013

Smartphone Safety

Technology has come so far and so fast!  Long gone are the days of the 56k dial-up Internet connection and mobile phones the size of Zack Morris’ phone on the hit TV show Saved by the Bell.  Parents are giving their children as young as seven and eight years old brand new mobile devices.  To get a sense of how many cellphones are really out there, listen to this new statistic released by the United Nations last month.  Six billion people around the world have cellphones, but only 4.5 billion people have access to a clean a clean toilet!


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